Society of Santa

2017 November Meeting

2017 November Meeting

The purpose of the Society of Santa is to share lots of fun, fellowship, ideas, education, good food and encouragement in the pursuit of providing a better Santa Claus experienced for children. As a group, the Society of Santa endeavors to provide its membership with the necessary resources, networking and support that will allow them to further define and improve their image as a Santa or Mrs. Claus.

The Society of Santa is an inclusive, non-sectarian, and non-political fraternal organization. Membership is open to all people of good will who embrace the ideals of Santa Claus and his service to children.

Looking for a Santa, Mrs. Claus …or?

Here you can make a request for whomever or whatever you are looking for to make your holiday special. Our members have years of experience and training and talent that can turn your Christmas event into the memory of a lifetime!

Please be aware that most of our members are booked for Fridays and Saturdays in December by June or July. Therefore, if you can select a different day as one of your options you have a better chance of finding an available Santa Claus.

At this time our members primarily cover events from Fort Collins to Pueblo, Colorado.

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